one_off_cleaning If the house or flat which you live in is filled with dust, crumbs, stains and cob-webs, you can use our affordable and professional one-off cleaning services. They will make your home spotless after a few hours cleaning work and you won’t have to pay a fortune for it. Our staff are trained to work in line with the demands of the industry and the customers.

They use powerful machines, effective tools and products for cleaning floors, tiles, chrome, wood and other surfaces. Get in touch with us by coming to Abbey Wood, using our call centre or online form to reserve the one-off cleaning which you need for a suitable time.

Top Quality One-off Cleaning

Our services guarantee hygienic, tidy and presentable rooms which provide a nice living environment. In the deep cleaning which we offer is included sanitising of:

  • Wood, tile and other kinds of floors
  • Bathroom and toilet, sinks and worktops
  • Cabinets, furniture, shelves and all hard surfaces
  • Kitchen appliances and all cooking areas
  • Carpets, internal windows, sills and frames, pictures and mirrors

Our cleaners will provide the necessary work using suitable machines, stain removers, de-greasers and detergents. They will wash the tiles and sanitary ware, remove the lime-scale from the bathroom, clean the mirrors and internal glasses of the windows. Our employees will hoover or wash the floors, sanitise the entrance area, dust all hard surfaces. They will provide deep cleaning of the kitchen to remove the grease, food leftovers, stains and crumbs from the worktops, carpets and floor, appliances and furniture. Our one-off cleaning services can be used by the residents who live in Abbey Wood for preparing their rooms before and after special events.

Our cleaning staff will also provide thorough sanitising of the bedrooms, living rooms and lounge. They will hoover under the furniture and appliances, wipe the dust from the shelves, ledges and counters, remove the stains and fingermarks from the mirrors, handles, sockets and switches. Contact us any time to order the one-off cleaning which we provide in Abbey Wood and leave the hard work to our qualified staff.

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